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Who we are

UCSGRAPHENE is the first and biggest plant of production of graphene on an industrial scale in Latin America installed by a university . In operation since March 2020, it brings together the expertise of the University of Caxias do Sul, conquered in 15 years of advanced research in nanomaterials, generating high-quality graphene to provide innovative technological services to future-bearing sectors.

What we do


UCSGRAPHENE has installed capacity of production of 500 kg / year and expansion for 5 thousand kg / year, suitable to supply the national and international markets with high quality graphene.


Development of innovative projects and technology transfer in different areas of knowledge, developing new products or improving existing ones from the incorporation of graphene, nanomaterials or other materials.


Extensive characterization structure aimed at internal and external analysis of graphene and its derivatives, nanomaterials and other materials.



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